Nepali Typing Unicode – Nepali Typing Roman

Now we give you Nepali Typing Unicode from which you can write in Roman and convert to Nepali Unicode. If you get  Ka = क, you can type any Nepali from it.

We’ve launched it to make your work faster and faster. Here you can also use YouTube Thumbnail Downloader Toos.

Best Nepali Typing Unicode 2020 

The only Nepali Typing Unicode available in Google that can write any letter in Nepali and has the best and fastest access.


Tips and Tricks for Nepali Typing Unicode

  • Combine Eglish into your Nepali unicode text: Simply put any english text inside the curly {} brackets to keep it in English. Example: yo {mobile} mero ho. = यो mobile मेरो हो
  • Some Phonetically similar Nepali letters: ta = त, Ta = ट, tha = थ, Tha = ठ, da = द, Da = ड, dha = ध, Dha = ढ, na = न, Na = ण, sha = श, Sha = ष. For rest of the Nepali alphabate letters – the upper or lower case doesn’t matter.
  • If a Nepali Letter gets wrongly analyze with the preceding letter, use the slash (/) key to separate. Example: pratishatko = प्रतिशत्को, pratishat/ko = प्रतिशतको |
  • शब्दको अन्त्यमा हलन्त राख्नको लागि backslash () अक्षर प्रयोग गर्नुहोस् । Example: bas = बस, bas\ = बस् |
ri^ = रि
(as in प्र)
rr= र्‍
(as in गर्‍य)
rri = ऋrree = ॠyna = ञchha = छksha =क्षgya =ज्ञ= अनुस्वर** = चन्द्रबिन्दुom = ॐ

Why use it?

There are many benefits to using Nepali Unicode Typing. From which you can get many services. It is also used to Write Personal, Business, Office, And Articles. If Nepali Typing does not come on computer and Android phones, you can write Nepali easily from it.

Where can it be used?

You can use it wherever you have internet. It can be used to do anything you want. For example: writing a letter, sending a mail, filling an online form, sending an SMS, writing a post, doing any office work, etc. can be used for main work.

  • Mail Sent
  • Online Form
  • Write Articles
  • Easy For Nepali Type
Examples for Nepali Typing Unicode - Nepali Typing Roman  
sa\watantrataa = स्वतन्त्रता
Kathmandu = काठमाडौं
sabidhan = संबिधान ( = अनुस्वर)
nepali unicode = नेपाली युनिकोड
Mero desh Nepal ho = मेरो देश नेपाल हो।
pratishat/ko = प्रतिशतको (pratishatko = प्रतिशत्को)
nepali unicode = नेपाली युनिकोड
chamatkaar = चमत्कार
sa/mjh/naa = सम्झना (samjhnaa = सम्झ्ना)
namaskar = नमस्कार
dhanyawaad = धन्यवाद
sagarmatha = सगरमाथा
sambidhan = संविधान

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