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Love Facebook  Status – Best Love Status With you throughout your life, nothing else is needed, Now swear not, lauding pure love. He did not consider himself to be his own. Don’t believe what I say with my own love. Life is a flower, which can fall. I love to dance.

Love Facebook Status In Nepali

Love Facebook Status in nepali No matter how deep the love is, the heartbreaks. I find it difficult to overcome the habit. The love that I had for everything, that love disappeared. Love Status For Facebook

Love Facebook Status, 100+ Love Facebook Status
Love Facebook Status,

Love Facebook Status

Do You know ?? “Love is life” Love is every thing. Love Facebook Status Bellow Read More….

Always sit in your arms and cry.

Get your hands full of food.

If you are with me, love maybe yours too.

The closed eye sees you.

You don’t want to eat.

My heart is toward you, and your heart will be.

I just love to listen to my heart.

Come, you are the light in my life.

Say now, don’t worry about your heart.

Buy gold and silver, but not buy love.

It is love as if he had not seen his error.

Hate, hate, love is deceived.

Whatever my mother does, she does it for me.

You are my wife, depending on me.

I will give you the happiness you need from today.

The mother’s heart is always soft for her son.

Never hurt your mother.

As the cloud blows, so does love.

Sleeping is not enough, so work.

Hundreds of people who like to spend time withyou.

Do not understand your love, or else you could explain.

You are a waste if you love it.

How much effort you put into making it yours.

Jamala fled if the house refused.

Being liked, there is no guarantee that love will last.

Hunger or thirst finally makes all creatures feel.

May my love be like this, but be responsible.

Saying love doesn’t mean Japyo.

Listen well, dear, do not listen to others.

You and I are a jam, in a secluded place.

Always look at your sweet smile.

As much pain as you can, I wake up to laugh at you

Decorate sweet sweet dream.

Fulfilling my dream became difficult for me.

If you could not find the betrayal on cable love.

Everyone has a dream, which he wants to fulfill.

Walking these steps does not stop without you.

I am sitting at your desk.

You spend my life waiting for you to come.

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As bright as you are, you have a face.

Jam Walking Swirl.

How much you read, how much you read, but only in your mind.

If you take me, take my heart away.

Love never dies.

If only you could sleep on me.

Be with you, in which I find joy.

I eat whatever you give me and also anything.

Maybe not money, but my mind is clear.

Do not waste your life because of me.

As the end of love, birth is death.

Today he saw her crying in a dream.

See my name written on the paper.

I remember saying I was dying.

For me, you always come online.

I’ll do that single for you.

My existence is where you are.

Serve old well, love will give a lot.

Today, I miss a lot of people.

Your smile is better than yours.

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