Singer Kamala Ghimire Wikipedia Biography 2020

Name: Kamala Ghimire

Age: 11

Born place: Dharjiling

Class: 6

Height: 4 ft

Singer Kamala Ghimire Wikipedia Biography

Kamala Ghimire is child Singer in Nepal. She is very Popular To Sing a Songs. She Is  Very Better singing a Songs. She Involve in many Country, place  To Concert in  Programme Such as America, Australia. She sang a Battle Songs With Pashupati Sharma and many popular Singer. Ghimire Born in middle-class Family. She has Brilliant knowledge in Songs. SO Ghimire is famous till now. With self-content Kamala  Family is Poor.


Kamala Ghimire Wikipedia

Chiya chhaneko Is the most famous and popular songs by Kamala Ghimire. In the program Kamala and Raju Pariyar Double-cow. More Than one million darshan have been Seen From The Various Mediums This Afternoon. Raju Pariyar and Kamala will be Sorrunded event Organized To Lok Dual Foundation in Australia.


Kamala is Sure to Go To Australia in a Month To come. Speaking To The media, Raju Pariyar said That he would like To inform Kamala That he would Give Double Time Millionaires Including choice To Repeat His Singing. About 3, 4 months ago, Kamala came to know about Australia and German Context is Kalika Fm  Kamala Ghimire Wikipedia, Raju Pariyar, and Robin Lamiichane, Along With The annual Celebration Of Kolkata Fm. And Tb earlier in the annual Festival in Kalika.

At That time Kamala Ghimire Wikipedia was also Widely liked By Nepali people Through social networking.

Kamala Ghimire Songs

  1. Chiya Chhaneko.
  2. Zindagi.
  3. One Two One To.
  4. Love Dairies


Calling is Scary. His Father his in the hands Of His Mother Not To Take kamlani Oversees. But as Time Went On However Kamala Children Gradually moved To Australia and Germany. Instead, Some Times ago, Kamala And Raju Pariyar Went To a Concert in Dubai To Celebrate a Foreign new year. K tapai Free ma Make Nepali Website Banauna Chahanu Hunchha. 


Kamala Ghimire Achieves

March ( 2020 ) – (9)

February ( 2020 ) – (29)

Janauary (2020) – (28)

December ( 2019) – ( 79)

November ( 2019) – ( 62 )

October ( 2019) – ( 20 )


From The Young age of Kamala Ghimire, Everyone Likes The art and Tone Of Repetitive art. Likewise, Kamala Ghimire, Who Has Double songs with this already Well known artist and Has Acted in The Market, Has Earned a Lot Of Buzz.


The First Songs Has Been Viewed more than 100 million Times Since Choosing The Tea and Other Songs Have Been Well Positioned. Viral Kamala Ghimire Has Not Spoken To Various Music Programme in The Country. The Songs That Kamala Has Acted and His Voice Has Already been Discussed. Despite The Record Of Two Songs in the voice of Kamala Nepalii Has been Able To warm The Musics Market. LIkewise, Kamala, Along With Her Studies, Has Been Doing Stage Work At  Various Musical Programme in Different Part Of Country.


Kamala Ghimire is one of the Upperclass Caste of the Brahmin /Chhetri belonging to Kashyap Gotra and Brahmins/ Chhetri Varna in the Hindu Varna system.

Kamala Ghimire Biography

Kamala Ghimire Biography is a young 11 years of the old girl, who gives the high competitive challenge to the other folk singers. With the gain of popularity within a short period of time, she gets a golden opportunity to sing a beautiful Nepali folk song “Chiya Chaneko” with Amrit Sapkota. Now, the music video that is uploaded on YouTube is trending No.1. Within two days, the music video gets more than 13 Lakhs of views.So kamala Ghimire is popular and Famous Child Singer.

Kamal Ghimire is a Young singer in 11 years old. Her Father name is Kalyan Ghimire and mother Devaki Ghimire

Kamala Ghimire Biography


NAME: Kamala Ghimire
Age: 11
Born place: Darjiling
Class: 6
Height: 4 ft
Hobbies: Singing and Dancing
Gotra: Kashyap
Sister: Sujita Ghimire

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FAQ For Singer Kamala Ghimire

1. Who is Kamala Ghimire?

Kamala Ghimire is A Best Child Nepali Singer. She is Cute and Best Lok Dohori Singer.

2. Kamala Ghimire Debut Song?

Kamala Ghimire Debut Song is “Chiya Chhaneko”.

3. Kamala Ghimire Photo
Hami tapailaai Kamala Ghimire kaa Photo haru Provide Garchhau. Singer Kamala Ghimire Wikipedia Biography

4. Kamala Ghimire Wikipedia
Kamala Ghimire Wikipedia Ko jankariko laagi Tapaile yaha Biography lina Saknu Hunechha.

  • Name: Kamala Ghimire
  • Age: 11
  • class: 6
  • Height: 4 ft

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