Memory King Bijaya Shahi Biography Wikipedia 2020

Memory King Bijaya Shahi Biography Wikipedia 2020

Nepali Talented Memory King Bijaya Shahi Biography Wikipedia
Samjhana sakne Sakti vayaka Memory King Bijaya Shahi Biography Wikipedia Jun Aaja World bhari Popular Vairaheko Chha. Jasma Yaha Bijaya Shahi Biography Wikipedia Detail Paauna Saknu Hunchha.

Memory King Bijaya Shahi Biography Wikipedia 2020

Bijaya Shahi Biography Wikipedia

Short and Sweet Nepali Talented Person Bijaya Shahi Biography Wikipedia Read Bellow and Support Bijaya Shahi. Watch Memory king Bijaya Shahi Wikipedia YouTube Video. Watch This Video

NameBijay Shahi
Date of birth1999 June 20
TitleMemory King
BirthplaceKalikot, Nepal
EducationHighschool (Grade 12)
World RecordChampions Book of World Record
Record For102 Words in 30 Seconds
Interesting FactCan remember books in few seconds
Family Member5 Member
Bijay Shahi Age21
InterestsDevelop Scientific education in country

Facebook Id: Bijaya Shahi

Dherai Prashnaharu Unako 100 PriShTha Pustak PaDhne Pradarshanabata, Maatra 12 Minutes.

LifeStyle of Bijay Shahi

Bijaya Shahi Nepalko Durgam Sthanbata Aaeka Hun. Unaka Bubaa Teacher Hununchha. U usako Pariwarama 3 Bhaaiharu madhye kanchho Bhaai chha. Unako Gaubata Unako SEE Star Shiksha pachhi, Unako Uchcha Shiksha ko laagi Uni Kathmandu Shaharama Sare. Memory King Bijaya Shahi Biography Wikipedia Lifestyle. Unale Aaphno Niwasama dherai SangharSha Gare. Kathmandu uni ekdam naya Thauma Pugeka Thiya. Tyasaile usale aaphulaai Lock garne nirNaya Garyo. Ek Kotha ra Ek Din 20 Hour Bhanda baDhi Adhyayan garna Thalya. Usale pahilo sthan pani Gread 11 maa lyayaka thiya.

Aaphno Adhyyan Awadhima bijaya Shahi Aaphailai Samjhanako laagi ek Sutra bikasit gare. Samayako ek dheria chhoTo awadhima Dherai PaaTha Padheka unale Pariwartanharu dekhna Thale. Unako Dimag ma ra antama unale Record 8th February 2020 ma word kirtiman sthapit gare. Abhyaasa ra anusandhaan ka kehi barSha, Unale Purai Record garna aaphno Man Banayo. Yo here pachhi pustakabata PaaTha antama Shahile aaphno Pradarshan gare. YouTuber Bhagya Neupane sangg ek Youtube Channel Tatato Khabar ko Madhyam bata Pratibha Dekhaya.

What is Bijay Shahi Formula?
So, how can Bijaya remember the whole book in a few minutes. Vijay Shahi has Clearly claims to have developed a formula for this talent. His formula
Includes 2 numbers of scientific tricks and codes that can change
Ways people read and remember. Although there is a misconception that he
Carrying a supernatural power, he gives this formula to people
Want to get it. After the epidemic of COVID-19, the victory will run royal
He has developed it to perform various campaigns and seminars
Or invented. Unako Yas Memory King Bijaya Shahi Biography Wikipedia Lifestyle Articles Sabaiko laagi Rahene chha.

Photographic memory and in the formula of Vijay Shahi
eidetic memory. These are special powers or techniques that allow people
To memorize an entire object, image, text, or what a person sees.
And one can forget things over time.

A person with idiotic memory can remember things in photos for longer photos.
This is mainly said with photos. Except for one person with photography
Memory can remember text, objects, or audio once they are in contact
This Another popular term is hyperthermia. This condition in which a
The person remembers everything that may or may not happen
Important as he ate breakfast three years ago Day.

Remember the whole Book in 10 Minutes
Many claims have been made in the past by many people around the world. They
In just 10 minutes, the entire book was read and demonstrated. They
This ability is combined with brain control. There is a boy named Derren Brown
The entire book was read and demonstrated in the first 20 minutes.

Bijay Shahi is the Memory King of Calicut, Nepal. Vijay Shahi is his name
102 is the Champions Book of World Records for remembrance.

Word in 30 seconds, Vijay claims that he has the formula to memorize the whole book in a few minutes, the second page in a few minutes. Vijay Shahi is the memory king of Nepal. Concerned about Nepal’s education system, they want to implement a non-formal education system. ra Vijay Le a secondary raheko Bataya to change the education system of Nepal. Vijay is a memory king of Karnali Pradesh, Calicut.

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