Best Nepali Status for Fb 2020

Facebook or Whatsapp Status or Nepali Caption for Fb Jatakatai Prashidda Chhan. Fb Status Nepali Website Ma, Best Nepali Status for Fb ko Lagi prasasta chhan, jun 100+ Status tapaiko laagi Diyaka Chhau.

Tapaile kasailai Attitude Status Dekhauna chahanu Hunchha Vane Pani Hami tapaiko laagi Provide Gardachhau. Aja vane Best Nepali Status for Fb yas Articles ma Paunu Hunechha.

Best Nepali Status for Fb 2020

Nepali Status for Fb

Nepali language ma Nepali Status for Fb ko laagi Status Paauna Aba Kunai Garh Chhaina, Jabaki Hamile Aba tapaiko laagi New or latest Status Liyara Aaisakeka Chhau. 100+ Vanda Badhi Nepali Status for Fb Sambandhi Rahanchhan.

 Attitude Ta Mero Xaina, Khoi Kasari Xa Vanxan.

Malai Kasaiko man dukhauna aaudaina.

Hamilai Xune aatxaina kasaiko, Yad rakha vai PiTai Dashain ko.

Ego Heart Nagara Keta Ho, Mero Boli ra Goli le Marlash.

Bachcha lai dudha man parchha vane malai raksi man parchha.

kasle rokeko chha ra timilai, Jaau kaha janu chha.

Kaha bata Aau timi Kaha jaane Vanya thiyau.

Ruwana janekaa le Pahile Hasauna Janeka hunchhan.

  • Swargama panI tero daiko Facebook Group chha.
  • Hero ra Himmat walo eutai Ho, Jo sang Himmat Hunchha, Hero Pani Tehi hunchha.
  • Sablai Aaphno Kurale Vulauna sakchhu.
  • Facebook Account ta bachchako pani Tero Dai ko VIP Account Hunchha.
  • Xuteko sath ra Phuteko sisa Xodidaina.

I want to change my life to such an extent that I feel burnt when I see the change.

You don’t speak today, maybe I won’t speak tomorrow.

What was the pain of laughing with fire in your mind?

Where everyone is like me and who will tolerate you.

Mistakes happen to everyone, but I often apologize.

It was about love, not money.

Poor Hula but not a traitor.

No one, let alone TikTok vs.

Just because a voice is sweet does not mean that the habit is good.

I don’t need anyone.

I gave you everything, but you pushed me away.

Don’t believe in dreams, because dreams are sown and destroyed.

Where there is faith, there is love.

Don’t support me in my grief, don’t act now.

He who is in love has a quarrel with him.

I believe in you, don’t break that belief.

You were clever, you stole my heart.

You didn’t have a mind, you didn’t even have a heart.

Corona and your love will never die.

Don’t think about what you were yesterday, because time is of the essence.

I can even find death.

Be a big man and then, yesterday’s egg will be tomorrow’s chicken.

Attitude also wants to see in such a way that the eyes of the beholder are opened.

Those who do not understand the importance of gold, those who do not understand.

  • Very loving and beautiful, she is our mother.
  • I do what I think, I do what I don’t think.
  • Jasko Man maa maya hunchha, tyo Praya Hasne garxa.
  • Ego ko kura timi jasto dhokebaj le gareko Suhaudaina.
  • Polchha chhati timro yad le, Aatitude ra Ghamandi ko sathle.
  • Tomorrow I am yours, you can’t stop me.
  • The better you are, the better the habit.
  • If you can, tell me I love you.

You are not very good but you look good.

I can leave death behind.

Sabai vanda Sacho maya Aaphno santan prati hunxa.

Chaheko vaya talai jaha pani Thokna sakthya.

Emandariko Part Padheko Hu, Natra Ta Yaha Hudaina this.

Maile gareko maya timilaai Pachdaina vane, Jada Hunchha.

There is a difference between flower and kada.

You meet new people, first tasty, then sour people like me.

Malai timro Maya lagdain, timro maya le satauchha kya.

You get paid to cut your hair instead of talking.

  • Wherever you are, when I will be lost, I will cry remembering such things.
  • To see heaven is to die, so to see love is to be deceived.
  • Wow, you forgot me.
  • God, find a girl like me for me.
  • If you can, think good, if you can’t, don’t think bad.
  • I am the king of the place where you walk like a dog now.

If I don’t like it, I don’t have to, don’t force it.

Hamile Mathi Diyaka Best Nepali Status for Fb in 2020 Padhnu Vayo?

Tapaile Funny PUBG Quotes Check Garna Saknu Hunchha.

Nepali Caption for Fb

we Provide Best Nepali Caption for Fb in Nepali language ka Sathi Tapaiko laagi Best collection liyara Ayaka Chhau. Yadi Tapai Facebook ko lagi Status / Quotes / Sayari Search Gardai Hununchha Vane, Sahi Thauma Aaunu Vayako Chha. Mathi diyaka Best Nepali Status for Fb Pani Study Garnu Vayo Hola.

People forget virtue but do not forget money.

You were alone when you left.

You were special, you were a hope.

It’s easy to die. If you can, show it by living

I have a habit like a child.

You may find it difficult to handle and nurture.

Don’t forget to support, and don’t forget to kill.

  • Japanese can say that, so don’t listen to whoever got it.
  • A Bata Name Aaune Haru Aalu Hunchhan Re.
  • Mero man ma timi maatra xeu.
  • Bachchai dekhi bigreko Manxe hu, Bujhirakh
  • Jun din timile Malai Bhuleu tyahi din marisakeko thiya.
  • Dear EX You are one of my dialogues
  • Ko Hau Timi, kaha Bata Aayau.
  • You betray, I believe.

I care about the country, you love me.

Someone must love me.

I am the person who has been deceived by fate.

Where there is your desire, there is your happiness.

Give me love, not money.

Even when I remember, I feel sad, so I try to forget.

Don’t leave anyone in the lurch.

That is your nephew.

  • I can’t express my heartache.
  • I have finally reached the right place in life, neither relatives nor strangers.

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Best Nepali Status for Fb

 Attitude Ta Mero Xaina, Khoi Kasari Xa Vanxan.
Malai Kasaiko man dukhauna aaudaina.
Hamilai Xune aatxaina kasaiko, Yad rakha vai PiTai Dashain ko.

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