Best Love Quotes in Nepali 2020

K tapai love Quotes in Nepali khojdai Hunhnchha, Yadi teso ho vane Hami tapailaai Love Quotes in Nepali Provide garchhau. KunaI pani person laai Love status Ko jaruri parchha. So hami Yas Blog post dwara Love Status dinechhau.

Fb Status Nepali language ma 100+ Love Quotes Diyaka chhau. Ji tapai Aaphno Fb ma share garna Saknu hunchha. Jasma hamile Love sambandhi Status, Quotes, Captions laai Sameteka Chhau. Kasma Fb status Nepali & English language ma dekhna saknu hunechha.

Best Nepali love Status for girlfriend 2020
Best Love Quotes in Nepali 2020

Love Quotes in Nepali

Jati tapai Aaphno life sang Dukhi Hununchha, Teti Tapai Aaphno Love sang Pani Dhoka khanu vayako chha. Tapai ko Exyalai Bujhdai Love Quotes in Nepali Tapai haruko laagi lekhera Deyaka chhau.

Maya Vanne chij yasto Hunchha Usto Hunchha yo ta Sabaile Vanchhan tara khas ma maya kasto hunchha. Maya ko artha k ho. Life ma Love le Kati Thulo bhumika Khelchha vanne kura tapai lagayat Sabailai thaha chha. Yadi tapai kasaibata dhoka khanj vako chha vane, Breakup Status Read Garna Saknuhunchha.

100+ Nepali Love Quotes

tala diyaka 100+ Nepali Love Quotes Read Garna saknu Hunechha. or Facebook, Instagram Other ma Share Garna sakine chha. Yadi tapaila Free ma Website Banauna Chahanu hunchha Vane Free Website make maa Jana Saknu Hunechha.

  • Love is something that gives both pain and happiness in life.
  • I’m mad at your love.
  • What was lacking in my love and you left me today.
  • Your love is priceless.
  • The mind that understands must be better than the eye that sees.
  • Spouses should understand each other’s feelings, not good looks.
  • If I get along with you, I will probably die.
  • Are You Make Love Quotes in Nepali?

I love you so much why I don’t believe in my love

Just say I love you once and I’ll drop stars for you.

I learned a lot from love.

Because of your love, my life has become dark today.

Why do you hurt me so much

If you don’t believe in my love, it would be better not to pretend to be in love.

It is a boy who does not rely on the love of today’s girl, he is deceived.

I love you so much

I have suffered a lot today because of you.

People’s minds are weaker than glass.

It is not appropriate to spend a lot of time in love in life.

  • My love for you will not last forever.
  • I love you so much that I would show you if I could talk.
  • There is no betrayal in my love.
  • You just say this life is present for you, love.
  • Playing with my love is never good in life.
  • Lucky me, not you, Yaniki, you have got a skilled husband like me.
  • Friend, you must know that you never burn in love.
  • I am ready to die happily even if I have to die for you.
  • It is very important to change our thinking in this age.

Love by looking at the heart, not by looking at the face.

Your pride knows what kind of girl you are.

Why did you betray me today that I love you?

Though I’m not yours

Find love by looking at the heart and not by looking at wealth.

I don’t believe you

You can’t find a boy like me anywhere.

If you love me, dear, improve your habits.

  • What do you know about me
  • Earn not only money but also a few people in life because it is necessary for future generations.
  • My love to you forever
  • I am thinking of how to achieve happiness in life.
  • Bigger than you for me
  • There is no one in this world.
  • It feels like nothing has been done for you.
  • I am happy with your love.
  • I used to say that I would support you for the rest of my life, but today I have to cry because of you.
  • There is nothing wrong with my love.
  • Anyway, you have to suffer a lot today.

My love will be with you forever

How can I move forward in life without you?

Pure love, i will never hurt you in my life

I don’t have hair in my life no matter what anyone says.

It is because of your love that I have not been able to move forward in life today.

I will always love you.

The mind must be sure to love.

I’m angry with you for loving me.

No one’s hope, no one’s special, my life is alone.

  • I sometimes wonder how this love can get out of the cycle.
  • Never betray love.
  • Ask me what love is. I have a lot of experience.
  • My family is crying today because of you.
  • I am for you
  • Just make a gesture and I will make the sunrise from the east and the west from the west.
  • Anyway, today was a fun day for you.

Love Quotes in Nepali?

Life is not worth living without you and me.
What is your habit? I love one but flirt with another.
Whatever I do, I think about it 10 times.
I have to suffer a lot in your love today.
With you, I will always be immortal

I don’t know what to do.

Love is a thing where there is a lot of happiness and a lot of pain.

If have to take away someone’s happiness in order to be happy, I don’t have to be happy.

A spouse should be like Anna and Shadow.

My love is always happy to be betrayed.

I could not understand your love.

Whatever I am ok

You made a mistake by bringing love with me.

Think before you speak.

Put your attitude on your feet.

I am happy to do that, I do the same, no matter who speaks in the middle.

He has died today because of me.

  • This life feels empty without you.
  • You were and I was happy today. How can I be happy if you are not with me now?
  • kunsha time laai love Quotes in Nepali ko barema thaha chha ra Pyaari.
  • I don’t care about anyone.
  • He has suffered a lot today because of me.
  • Anyway, I’m always looking forward to you.
  • I am ready to do anything for you.
  • I am doing what I am doing for you.
  • Today I am happy with your love.
  • Love is something that teaches a lot of things in life.
  • I don’t know anything about you

If you hate my love, why do you act?

kash maile Pani timro laai Love Quotes in Nepali ma lekhne vaya.

If there is any flaw in my love.

I am very happy about your love today.

Even if they don’t fall in love, they will get married.

Life is not worth living without you and me.

What is your habit? I love one but flirt with another.

Whatever I do, I think about it 10 times.

I have to suffer a lot in your love today.

With you, I will always be immortal

I just love you

You are the girl my heart seeks

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