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American girls on Facebook | Best Girl  Doll 2020

American Girls on Facebook

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American girls Facebook id

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American Girls on Facebook Status
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Love may reach a little bit of vampire but love is true as well as a combination of gibberish.

Because of the good fortune in America powder.

The mind must be better than the eyes to see. The world itself looks better.

My love is why you don’t want to be such a selfish America.

I love true and pure.


Why don’t my phone get up today?

That would be better for me than the one in America.

America’s wealth doesn’t last much.

Girl Scared To Display Attitude In Nepal

I do not need your showy love.

American Katie is looking for a relationship, not with her heart.

  • My love will forever be yours.
  • Why such a difference between her and me.
  • Don’t show a lot of pride that I live in America.
  • So I don’t even have to speak with a squeal.
  • The boy is fine, the American boy is also good.
  • Raw is the stuff of America.
  • American girl’s social culture is Hin.
  • The language of the American girl is different.



There is a lot of difference in US Katie and Nepal Katie.

Maya cable is not for selfishness.

There is much to be learned from love.

The American girl loves herself for selfish reasons.

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  • So for a girl in America, I’m a kid.
  • The girl and our country girl are all different things.
  • I don’t want to see that girl.
  • Improve your habits and talk to me in love.
  • So like the lower girl, I have seen to this day.
  • For those who do not understand the importance of love, love.
  • Dear you, I am ready to fall for the star of the sky.
  • May your fortune be strong, like me.
  • What the American girl knows is the customs of our society.
  • Look, boy, it’s sad to never see an American.

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I’ve had a lot of experience about Katie.

The girl who believes that true love is a city boy is a showy love.

I know all about your habits.

If you were to marry others, why would you show me the love you have?

My love can never be false

Believe me, girl, this life is here for you.

That’s better than the US.

  • Ray Chowk is an American girl.
  • No one can take away what is in luck.
  • I have lived with pain, not with heartache.
  • Injuries to the heart are never cured.
  • You should understand each other’s feelings as life partner is not good.

I felt so far away from you.

Don’t let anything short of my love for you.

Do you know if that is an American?

What to do in life is to write only to be deceived by love.

I love you so much but you do not understand my love.

  • Don’t talk about the American lady.
  • The habits of US girls are in serious danger.
  • Maya is the only one from Japan or America.
  • Many in the US do not know about our tradition.
  • I don’t want your fake love.
  • Nothing I got in life.

That’s what happens in the American girl and the boy is behind.

You are looking for a lot of fear that you are an American.

My love for you was lacking.

I’m always looking forward to you

Your gesture is enough for me.

Why are you so selfish?

If my love is not bad then forget me tomorrow.

  • It takes a lot of courage to see the people you love being close to others.
  • I don’t need your love for America.
  • I am a man who has suffered a lot of injuries in life.
  • I’m ready to die for you too.
  • What to do in every dream I dream of.
  • I am crazy about your love.
  • In all circumstances, you will not leave.

There is something for you to do in life.

What I lost from my life.

Life has seen everything but does not understand the feeling of love.

Life is so bright that thinking has to be true.

I am so sorry for your love.

Do not be deceived after you have found love, not love America.

  • Who has seen tomorrow’s day and.
  • Hard work always goes ahead.
  • I wonder what the American girl looks like.
  • Sweetness is not found in America’s love.
  • Hat I thought I’d marry an American girl.
  • My love is for the moment, not for a lifetime.

Thought so many dreams were all broken.

Try to understand my love, honey.

The relationship with Junior Timisong will not be broken.

My cause will never hurt you.

Every night, every day, every moment, I remember you.

I have learned a lot from love.

My life, you are everything.

  • Maya is a document that provides happiness and sorrow in the world.
  • When people see it, it has a lot of potential inside.
  • If you have to take someone’s happiness to be happy then I don’t have to be happy.
  • I love you very quickly.

What to do is my life

This house has been bright since you came.

Even with a little ego, the mind is clear inside.

Love is not for its happiness but for the entire society.

I don’t want to hurt myself in love.

My love for you

Love is one of those things where happiness is a lot and pain is too much.

  • I’d like to make a small deal with you.
  • Perhaps your memory is bothering me this time around.
  • Don’t talk about American girls today because of a boy to me.

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